Shiro Cosmetics carries make-up that’s affordable, vegan and looks pretty. It’s about what you’d expect for a cosmetics site at first glance.

But shop the store and you’ll find an extra element of geeky fun: make-up with names like BubblebeamOctorok and Thinking with Portals eyeshadows and Curaga mineral highlight. They also offer stickers, perfumes and a Zora’s Saphire necklace.

According to their About page:

Shiro Cosmetics is owned and mostly operated by myself, Caitlin, a 21-year-old student/dork with a penchant for geekery and crafting. I also employ the most excellent Lauren, who regularly kicks my butt at LoL.

Be sure to check out the shop for more products or information! 

Also, check out the their blog or twitter for fun, make-up related geekery.

(submitted via twitter by @BeccasOnTweeter — thanks for the tip!)

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